11. end of summer haul

hello children 🙂

So I actually left the house a couple of days ago and took a trip to the mall. It was, to say the least, a change from my usual online window shopping setup. This trip wasn’t particularly fruitful, as I didn’t get any actual clothing items, but I thought I’d do a haul post nonetheless. Let’s get this thing started!

First up, I popped into Anthropologie, mainly because I just love how it smells in that store. It must be something about the candles they sell there. Anyway, I usually never buy anything wearable from Anthro—it’s so expensive—but I love their little home goods and other miscellaneous items. This time, I bought this To Do notepad. I think the little drawings are adorable, and I’ve been really needing a place to write down all the stuff I need to get done in my life.


Of course, I had to make a stop at Madewell. There I got a necklace and matching pair of earrings. I love the necklace because it can easily dress something up, but it also acts as a casual piece of jewelry (I wore it to a formal dinner party one day, and the next I was wearing it whilst hanging out with friends). The earrings I have been wearing almost every day since I got them, and they’re so lightweight I forget I’m wearing them. When there I didn’t buy any clothes because I didn’t have the money, but I did see the cutest pair of black overalls that I need to purchase at some point in the near future.


Okay, so one pair of socks does seem like a lame thing to go to Topshop for, but I had heard from a friend that they have super soft socks there, so I thought why not see if that claim has any truth to it. These have to be the softest socks I’ve ever worn. I got them in a dark navy color—at least I think it’s navy-ish, though on their website they look black—and though the purchase seems lame, I’m sure as the weather gets colder my socks will soon prove themselves to be worthy.


Lastly, I went to Urban Outfitters. I occasionally browse through their clothes, but I’ve never actually purchased anything from there. Of course, the first time I buy something from Urban it’s not even the main product they sell: hand cream. Let me explain myself. This has to be the cutest hand cream container in existence. Plus, it smells like heaven on earth—I can’t stop sniffing my hands whenever I have it on. It’s super moisturizing and is great to put on your hands before bed or after a shower. I just really wish I could transmit smells through computer screens right now, but because I can’t you all are just gonna have to go out there and buy it yourself. It’s really worth all $12, trust me.

That’s it for today, but be sure to tell me if you children want to see me do another haul or anything of the sort! (Hint: there might be some sort of back to school what’s in my bag sort of thing lurking in the wings…stay tuned.)


m xx

photographs by me


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