13. 25 things in my room

hello children 🙂

So I was struggling to come up with an idea for this Sunday’s post, and as I do whenever I need to be creative and get something done, I began to binge-watch YouTube videos. This wasn’t supposed to give me any ideas, just to help me procrastinate, but luckily procrastination worked in my favor (for once) and I thought, why not do a post about 25 random things in my room?

Loads of actual YouTubers (Zoella, AmazingPhil, etc.) have done videos like this, but as a blogger I was slightly reluctant to venture into video territory. My attempt to do a blog form similar to their videos ended up looking very bulky and very long, leading to my (risky? You tell me) decision to try my hand at a video. The quality’s terrible, I know—the fault of my extremely old camera—and the sound quality is also cringe-worthy, but I hope you at least somewhat enjoy this attempt at a video.


More about these 25 random things from my room:

  1. A Plant Okay, this is actually my brother’s succulent. But it was in my room at the time of filming, so I appropriated it for this video.
  2. Notebooks I have a lot of these little things. I find them essential for writing down ideas for posts or stories, short little poems, or quotes I loved from various books.
  3. My Phone No explanation necessary, really.
  4. French Cookie Tin I got this tin as a present from the family I stayed with when I went to France on a school trip in 8th grade. I already ate the cookies (they were delicious), and now I use the tin as a container for my earrings.
  5. My dog I have two dogs, and one of them ended up on my bed before I started filming. Her name’s Chaco, and she’s a beagle mix.
  6. Hand Cream This is the TONYMOLY hand cream I got from Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago. I talked about it in my End of Summer Haul post, so if you want to know more head on over there.
  7. Rubik’s Cube Wow…I just realized I spelled that completely wrong in the video caption. Alas. Anyway, this belongs to my sister, and so far no one in our family has been able to solve it.
  8. Jewelry Bag I got this bag from Madewell as packaging for some jewelry I bought there. I like to use it to carry earrings and necklaces in on trips.
  9. Earbuds These are always sitting right next to my bed, as I am constantly listening to music.
  10. Sunglasses RayBans case, yes, but there aren’t actually RayBans inside. Instead, I have a pair of Peppers, which I use for casual wear and sailing.
  11. Art by me What can I really say about this except for the fact that it’s a painting that I did in 6th grade? Nothing, really.
  12. Ratty Shoes I don’t wear these super old Converse except to sailing and to places where I don’t what my shoes look like. The soles are literally about to fall off.
  13. A Purse This purse was given to me by my grandmother a while ago…apparently it was handmade in Indiana. Interesting.
  14. Sonic Screwdriver I got this for a Halloween costume when I went as River Song from Doctor Who. I haven’t used it since, but it’s a nice thing to have lying around my room.
  15. Loads of Books If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge reader, and have a ton of books that I’m in the middle of reading lying about my room. The ones I had in the video were Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, and Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. I haven’t read the Vonnegut one yet, but I had to read Rebecca for summer reading. It was quite good, actually.
  16. Kate Spade Postcard This is just a postcard I got for free when I wandered into the Kate Spade store the other day. They had a little stand full of complimentary postcards and mints, and I grabbed one of each. It says “Think outside the box” on the front.
  17. Empty Coke Bottle I think the only reason why this is sitting in my room is because I really like the design of it. I don’t normally drink Coke, but I thought this would make a cute vase for flowers or something like that.
  18. My Camera This is actually the family camera, but I’m definitely the one who uses it the most. It’s been a resident in my room for a couple weeks now, and I keep putting off the fact that I need to replace the batteries.
  19. Jewelry Stand I’ve had this since I started 6th grade, and I’m surprised it’s lasted me this long, as it’s made out of flimsy material. I keep all of my dangly earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces on it.
  20. Nail Polish Usually this is stored in the bathroom, but I had these colors on my dresser for some reason.
  21. A Brush Again, this is my sister’s Wet Brush. I was trying to use it to brush my hair, but a problem arose when I realized my hair was way too thick.
  22. Calendar I really love having a calendar that’s not on my phone or laptop, just because I think the action of writing things down helps you remember them better.
  23. Baseball Cap I received this as a prize at a regatta recently, but I don’t wear it for sailing. I mainly use it for when I’m at the beach.
  24. Tissues Everyone needs tissues in their rooms. It’s always good to be prepared.
  25. Pillows I made these pillows a while ago with fabric I got from IKEA. I don’t use them for sleeping, but they’re nice to have as decoration.

Looking back, I’m not sure making a video was the greatest idea ever. Be sure to tell me in the comments what you thought, and I’ll see you next Sunday!


m xx

photograph and video (cringe) by me


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