14. trip to a museum and dinner (bonus post!)

hello children 🙂

Interrupting our usual Sundays-only posting schedule comes a small little bonus post (yay!). I feel like posting on Sundays has it’s ups and downs. It’s a good break between posts that gives me time to think of ideas for the next week, and I hope it will make a nice balance with school work, life, and my blog. On the downside, sometimes I feel like I want to make a post about something that happens in the middle of the week, but then I discover that I already have a post scheduled for that week. Alas! And thus, bonus posts were born. They’ll be pretty spontaneous, but kind of fun (I hope). 

I’ve been trying to cram doing as many fun things as possible in before school starts, so this Thursday our family went to this exhibition at the Natural History Museum about the Maya. It was super interesting, with some cool interactive stations and activities. But museums always make me exhausted and super hungry, so we ended up eating out at a nearby restaurant.

The food was delicious. I got a burger (because nothing is better than one of those when you’re hungry), and included in the above picture is my sister’s grilled cheese, my mom’s mushroom lentil burger, and a plate of curry fries for the table.

The restaurant and the park it was located in is beautiful, with serene pools and intricate architecture, making it a perfect place to show off my new shoes from Urban Outfitters.

There will be definitely be more detail in a future back to school post, but they’re from UO x New Balance and they’re great.

That’s all for this little bonus post. Have a great rest of the week, and see you dears this Sunday!


m xx

photographs by me and my sister

What I’m wearing: 

Skirt – Topshop | Shirt – Topshop | Shoes – Urban Outfitters | Socks – Madewell | Purse – Target | Sunnies – Peppers


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