21. september favorites

hello, children 🙂

I’m writing this in a van as my school’s sailing team and I take a 4 day long road trip to a regatta, so naturally, with nowhere to take photos this post is destined to be somewhat terrible. Let’s see how long I last until I get carsick…

I know, I know, I’m long due for a September favorites post, but I haven’t had the time or energy to do anything concerning my blog during the school week, and this weekend is hectic (and okay, with school in full swing start expecting my posts to be on a more of a Sunday/Monday schedule). But here goes nothing, right?

First up is music. During September HAIM’s music really caught my eye, as well as Troye Sivan’s new album, WILD. Both are amazing artists, and I really recommend you give them a listen if you haven’t before.

I started taking an art class recently, and I’ve really enjoyed how it’s made me want to sketch and paint more outside of school. We’re doing an oil pastels unit currently, and it’s my favorite medium so far.

The other day, a friend sent me a link to a new clothing brand called Reformation, and oh my god. I love their clothes. I have yet to buy anything from there, but have a look at a few of my favorites:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.57.42 PM

Well, that’s it for today. Sorry for the short and somewhat lame post but I have a ton on my plate this weekend—with the time I’ve been given this is the best I can do.

Have a wonderful week, and until next Sunday!


m xx

photographs by me; screenshots taken from thereformation.com and spotify.com


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