24. some poems

hello children 🙂

Feeling extremely pressed for time currently, as I was sailing all last weekend, plus Halloween and upcoming sailing events for the next two weekends in a row….fun times, right? Add schoolwork on top of all that and you’ve got yourself one extremely stressed out girl.

I know I promised a Halloween costume thing for this week (I was Rosie the Riveter) but I have literally zero time to go out and take pictures, and I couldn’t the weekend of Halloween, so I’m thinking next week will just be an October favorites post and this will be some previously written little poems that I kind of like.

I jot these down at random moments during the day, if I have a bout of inspiration.


I get lost when you say you’re sorry
You really aren’t. 
Because if you were
You would’ve apologized 
A long time ago. 

not in that way

i want to travel the world with you
(but i have to settle for looking at photographs)
i want your hand to fit around mine as we walk through the rain
(but i’m alone and i have no umbrella and no love to keep me warm)
i want to lay in the sun with salt in my hair and your lips on my neck
(but the sand next to me is cold)
i want your head on my pillow and your things in my room
(but my bed is empty)
i want you
(but you don’t want me)
i love you
(but not in that way, you say)
i want
i want
i want

leap of faith

there’s a strange
sad thing
about love 
because the higher you fly
and leap
and dance
the more it hurts when you fall.
m xx
(ps. it just started pouring rain and thundering outside and I am LOVING THIS WEATHER. Good riddance to the heat! I welcome these 60 degree days with open arms ❤

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