25. IKEA haul

hello children 🙂

If you’ve seen my most recent Instagram post you’ll know that I paid a visit to the heaven known as IKEA yesterday. It was exhausting and really only made me want to re-decorate my entire room, but I suppose some good came out of the trip: my parentals bought a new couch (they’re setting it up now and it seems very confusing), and I bought an assortment of little things for my dresser/bed area that are totally unnecessary but cute anyways.

To start it all off, I got a shelf! It’s small, white, and has a cool cut-out pattern on the top. I saw this in the kitchen section, and thought that it’d be good to have for the top of my dresser, as it was getting quite crowded up there. It’s good to have as it declutters the space, and looks nice at the same time. All in all, a good purchase.

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VÄCKIS Alarm Clock, 99¢

Next up is this little analog alarm clock, which I got for 99¢. It’s pretty small and probably not that durable, but I thought it was cute. The alarm’s loud enough that I’ll hear it on school mornings, and I placed it far enough away from my bed that if it starts ringing I’ll have to get up to turn it off. Smart, if I do say so myself.

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SINNLIG Candle in Vanilla, $1.79

This candle smells so good that it’s almost addictive. I have it burning right now, and it’s making my room seem very wintery and cozy, even though we’re going through yet another heat spell (ugh). When this runs out, I will probably end up re-stocking with like 10 of these babies, except I did see some chocolate scented ones that smelled amazing…

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VINTER 2015 Fleece Blanket, $14.99

Finally comes my favorite purchase: this reindeer (or are they moose? what’s the plural of moose anyway?) covered fleece blanket. AKA one of the softest blankets in existence. When it gets cold again, I will be wrapped in this 99% of the time I’m in the house. If only I could bring it to school for those cold mornings.

That’s it for today, children! Not sure if you’ve noticed but I was MIA for the past three weeks because sailing was basically taking over my life. But I’m back now and off of school for a week, so expect to hear from me next Sunday for sure!


m xx

photographs by me




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