32. balboa park + little italy

hello all 🙂

Cheers to the finish of yet another stressful week! This Friday marked the finish our second trimester of school, complete with a million terrifying exams and papers due. I’m glad it’s over, to say the least.

Last weekend I spent a few days at Casa Isabel, aka my friend’s house (wow, look! She has a blog too!), and on Saturday we went on an adventure downtown.

We strolled about Balboa Park and watched as some kids did parkour in one of the gardens (there are youths everywhere!).

Photograph by Isabel Sanchez

Here is a lamp post stationed by the parkour garden of the “youths”.

Photograph by Isabel Sanchez

Just out of the frame of this one were some Boy Scouts cruising around on their bikes doing wheelies and going down stairs…they were truly living dangerously.

Photograph by Isabel Sanchez

Next stop was Little Italy for lunch. Of course, we went to Monello, because really, is there anything better when you’re craving Italian? I think not.

Photography by Isabel Sanchez

If you ever find yourself in Little Italy, do yourself a favor and get some panzerotti from Monello. They’re like little crispy slices of heaven that melt in your mouth. I couldn’t stop eating them, though I had to leave room for the classic penne pasta with marinara sauce.

Photograph by Isabel Sanchez

Get ready to meet my new favorite door (sorry, garage from last post!). I don’t really remember what street this was on, but just WOW LOOK AT THE BEAUTy. So aesthetically pleasing, am I right? I love it.

Photograph by Isabel Sanchez Wearing Madewell jeans, sweater, + bag, Urban Outfitters shirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Warby Parker glasses

And look! My pants match! How cool is that?? I will definitely be coming back to this door for more photos.

VSCO Cam-1.jpg
Photograph by me Wearing Madewell jeans, Pollini boots, Uniqlo vest, Massimo Dutti shirt, Warby Parker glasses

Little Italy, we discovered, is full of really pretty doors that match people’s clothes almost perfectly.

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg
Photograph by me

The Cheese Store of San Diego is a great place to go even if you’re not going to buy cheese. I mean, look at that great floor! And those giant lemons! Also their sandwiches sounded pretty good, and they had these little tiny jars of honey that I really wanted to buy. I guess I just have to go back there, huh?

VSCO Cam-2.jpg
Photograph by me

First place for most aesthetically pleasing bathroom goes to said Cheese Store.

On Sunday we stayed in the La Jolla area and paid a visit to the Coffee Cup for some breakfast (double thumbs up for their hot chocolate and avocado scramble – that’s my go to every time), and also walked down to Warwicks.

VSCO Cam-3.jpg
Photograph by me

Cousin Violet is my spirit animal. I love her so much.

Photograph by Isabel Sanchez

Honestly, this series wasn’t my favorite (but I definitely liked The Infernal Devices over The Mortal Instruments) but I’d read (and buy) all the books again if it meant I could own this set. So cool!

And so concluded my weekend. See you soon(ish)!

Extra love if you can find the New Girl reference.


m xx

header photograph by me




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