34. spring things

happy spring guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m never quite sure when exactly spring starts, but April seems like it’s close enough, right? Anyways, long time no blog! Let’s get back into the groove with some of my spring must-haves.

First up: some new wardrobe pieces. Apparently I can never get enough of striped t-shirts, as the following shirts will prove.

Madewell audio tee – $49.50 (on sale now for $39.99!)

Though kind of itchy at first, this shirt get soooooo soft around the second time wearing it. It’s great because as we transition into spring, there will be days where it’s pretty warm out but not quite warm enough for a short sleeve shirt. I like to pair this guy with my reddish jeans from Madewell (see them in this post).

Austin Reed jersey top – similar found here

I got this top a couple weeks ago from my grandmother, and I absolutely love it. It looks amazing with everything, but I usually pair it with either my Topshop skirt (found here) or Madewell high waisted jeans (here).

Urban Outfitters Truly Madly Deeply shirt – $29

And last but certainly not least, this t-shirt. I’ve raved about it in an earlier post, but I love it so much!! I can’t stop wearing or talking about this shirt, it’s such a staple in my closet. It goes with most everything, but I’d definitely recommend wearing it with my Topshop skirt and maybe a chambray overshirt if there’s a chill.

Madewell Indio sunglasses in yellow- $55

Sunglasses are a necessity for spring, and though I’ve always had a pair for sailing, I really wanted some fun ones for my time off the water. So I was at the mall one day and my traitorous feet led me right to these beauties. Now I wear them every chance I get, and I feel like they make every outfit a little more cool.

Clinique Turnaround Daytime moisturizer ($9) + Matte Beauty lipstick ($17)

Beauty wise, these Clinique products are essential to my spring makeup routine. The moisturizer brightens up my skin every time I use it, and the lipstick is a pretty floral/pastel pink color that makes for a great daytime lip.


Panic! At the Disco’s album Death of a Bachelor – $22 (along with some cool boots of my mum’s)

I scored this at a small record store down the street from my house. My mum and I had stopped in there to buy some CDs for my dad’s birthday when I saw the beautiful cover of Death of a Bachelor staring out at me from the shelves. I felt its calling, but alas! I was out of cash. I hid the album behind some others and sprinted home to grab money. When I returned, I grabbed it from the stack and bought it right away, because I hadn’t even been able to find it on Amazon. Though I did spend literally the last of my money on it, I have zero regrets. Listening to Brendon Urie’s beautiful voice is money enough.

That’s it for today folks. Hope you enjoyed!


m xx

all photographs by me



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