I bet you guys thought I was dead.

Plot twist! I’m not.

But what I am is veryveryvery busy (even though it’s summer!). Apparently too busy to post on this long forgotten and much-neglected blog. How sad.

Anyways, during my absence several things happened: I am a junior now! I can drive! And I made a YouTube channel! Yes, you heard right. Instead of pouring my heart into amazing blog posts, I have sold my soul to the crossroads demon of YouTube instead. I will still be posting INFREQUENTLY here (mind the infrequently-ness that I just mentioned) and maybe putting links to my videos on here too. Speaking of which, here’s my first one now!

Yes, yes, before you ask, I do list Casey Neistat as one of my major inspirations. Also Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire (go watch these people! They’re great! I love them!).

And thus begins the next chapter of my internet life.


m xx


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